Rethinking the Body in Global Politics cover

Rethinking the Body in Global Politics: Bodies, Body Politics, and The Body Politic in a Time of Pandemic

Kandida Purnell · 2021 · London and New York: Routledge

‘It is a tour de force of contemporary debates in inter-national relations (IR)–including on emotion, affect, the body, embodiment, necropolitics, ontological security, and auto-ethnography; it seems that every turn in IR in the last 20 years is here, with some Hobbes and Shakespeare added. This is a book brimming with thoughts and ideas on how we can under-stand the body in global politics.’ Professor Sophie Harman, Queen Mary University of London, UK

“Purnell masterfully interweaves the global and the local, demonstrating how the materiality of bodies is essential to properly understanding the functioning of international politics. Making inroads into rethinking the ontology of bodies by examining topics ranging from war to global health, she demands that we consider how the body is itself a contested site, materially and rhetorically disassembled in ways that are politically significant. By drawing on auto-ethnographic and rich textual methods, she offers an incisive and reflective contribution that is sure to provide a model for narrative work in global politics.” Dr Jessica Auchter, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, USA.

Rethinking the Body in Global Politics is one of the most exciting, inspiring and disruptive books I have read. Bodies might have been neglected by the discipline of International Relations, but there is no escaping the body here. Kandida Purnell takes us on a valuable detour outside the usual disciplinary frames to draw attention to the processes (dis-)embodiment that render certain bodies so vulnerable to death and injury. In doing so, she adds some much needed theoretical flesh and empirical muscle to our once barren disciplinary bones.” Dr Thomas Gregory, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

‘The book is highly enriched with different aspects, structures and theories of the body politic and international relations which can be a great use for researchers, policymakers, and students of political science, IR, and other social sciences which can also be an important element for the process of nation-building in pandemic times.’ Dr Nupur Pattanaik, Central University of Odisha, India


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