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Purnell, Kandida. 03/06/2021. ‘Dr Kandida Purnell: In Conversation’, Defense Research Network.

Purnell, Kandida. 04/05/2021. ‘Rethinking The Body in Global Politics: Why and How?’, E-IR

Purnell, Kandida. 06/04/2020, ‘The Body Politics of COVID-19’, The Disorder of Things

Purnell, Kandida. 06/01/2021. ‘To clap or not to clap…’, COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 11/11/2020. ‘Losing count, losing touch: on feeling/not feeling the 2nd wave’, COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 28/04/2020. ‘On Dreams and/of Death’, COVID-19 Health Diaries 

Purnell, Kandida. 29/04/2020. ‘From PhD to Pandemic’,  COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 03/05/2020. ‘Calm the f*** down!’, COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 26/05/2020. ‘Weekend Interrupted’, COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 19/07/2020. ‘On Numbers and Numbness’, COVID-19 Health Diaries

Purnell, Kandida. 13/09/2017, ‘Why Americans Never Forget to Remember 9/11’ Duck of Minerva

Purnell, Kandida. 22/10/2017, ‘The Politics of Grief and the Forever War: Who Speaks for the Fallen?’, Duck of Minerva

Purnell, Kandida. 25/02/2018, ‘Re-Branded and Expanded: Visual Politics and the Implications of Guantanamo’s Make-Over’, Duck of Minerva

Invited Talks and Public Events

‘After COVID-19: Contest, Commemoration, Closure’ Project Launch and Roundtable Event’, London (tbc) and Online, Spring 2022.

‘In Conversation: Dead Body Politics (in a time of Pandemic) with Dr Kandida Purnell’, Centre For Death and Society, University of Bath. tbc.

‘Gender and International Politics: Taster Talk’, Richmond, The American International University in London, 8th May 2021 (Offer Holders Day).

‘Rethinking the Body in Global Politics’: Book Launch, Centre for the State, Powerand Globalization, Richmond, The American International University in London. 14/04/2021.

‘Out of Touch, Out of Tune: The Visual-Affective Politics of the COVID-19’MA Visual Culture Coordinated by Dr Nicola Mann, Richmond, the American University in London, 17/03/2021. Invited Talk.

‘Atmospheric Walls and the Containment of Grief: Seeing and Feeling COVID-19 during the UK’s ‘FirstWave’International Visual Arts Cultures Events Series, Richmond, the American University in London, 26/11/2020: Invited Talk.

‘Body Politics in a Time of Pandemic’Thinking Aloud: The World After COVID: A ‘Society, Politics, and Globalisation’ (SPG) Research Group event, Richmond, the American University in London, 13/10/2020: Panellist.

Bodies, Body Politics, Bodies Politics’, Talk for University of Aberdeen’s Politics and International Relations Society (PIRSOC), Sept 2018, Invited Speaker.

Terrorism in the UK’, European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) UK, King’s College, University of Aberdeen, Oct 2017: Invited Panellist;

The Scottish Warrior’, Festival of Social Science, Gordon Highlanders’ Museum, Nov 2017: Chair.

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